Small Business with Big Customer Service

businesswomansmSaturday, November 26, is Small Business Saturday.  And as a small business we at are proud to provide Richmond, Virginia with its air purification needs. is a small business in Richmond, Virginia that has been in operation since November 2005.

We offer portable HEPA and carbon-based air purifiers and replacement filters. These units are portable, plug-in units that emit zero ozone or ionized particles.  The only by-product of this filtration is fresh, clean air.

We send our units to aviaries, animal shelters, asthma and allergy sufferers, nail and beauty salons, fine art studios, and thousands of homes across the United States.  Check What Our Clients Say!  We think it’s pretty impressive for any size business.

Call us now at 800-997-2989, and let us send the right air purifier for you!


Debbie Davis, President

(800) 997-2989