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Founders of Austin Air Hepa Air Purifiers

A few words from Richard and Joyce Taylor
As the owners of Austin Air we find ourselves looking back on our first decade in business and feeling really quite proud of our company’s success and for this we are thankful.  After ten years we are still true to our mission and this finds us well out front in our industry.
We began this adventure by way of necessity – Joyce had a real breathing problem.  We tried everything;  Doctors, diets, medication, nothing seemed to help.  The sole real relief we found was only available in a hospital in what they call a “clean room”.  Needless to say this solution was just not a practical one.  Necessity became the mother of invention and we set about to produce what we promised ourselves would be the world’s best personal air cleaner.
Drawing upon the technology used in hospital “clean rooms” we produced a prototype filter using True Medical HEPA filter paper.  We found that if we surrounded this with granulated carbon we addressed the issues related to environmental toxicity – chemicals and odors.  We surrounded this with a pre-filter that ensured a filter life unequaled in the industry.  The acid test was “Did we have something that would finally resolve the Taylor household’s breathing problems”?  After one week we knew we were out of the woods on this one.  We were ready to surmount the challenges of business.  Honestly speaking, we have never looked back.
In those early days of commercial production, we were not in a position to mass produce the Austin Air cleaner – it was more like fifty at a time.  People heard about what we were doing, and through word of mouth we began selling every machine we were making.  As things progressed we were able to set up our own manufacturing process.  Today we have a 480,000 square foot factory warehouse located in Buffalo, NY, and every aspect of the manufacturing process is now in house.
A large part of our success we must share with our customers.  Over the years our customers have consistently apprized us of their experiences while using the Austin Air cleaner, and by way of their suggestions, we have made no less than 52 product improvements directly related to their insights.
We are extremely proud of the fact that the Austin Air cleaner is the air cleaner of choice by leading doctors throughout the United States and many other parts of the world.  As a matter of fact, there is hardly a country in the world today where an Austin Air cleaner is not hard at work cleaning the air in someone’s bedroom.
Clean air is as essential to good health as clean water.  All of us at Austin Air are proud of the fact that we manufacture the world’s best personal air cleaner and continue to be ranked #1 in the world.  We really mean it when we say, Austin Air…..for life.
                                                                            Richard and Joyce Taylor
                                                                                                 Co-Founders Austin Air Systems Limited
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