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Austin HealthMate HM400 HEPA Air Purifier Removes Pet Dander.

Air Purifiers For Dust And Pet Hair

No matter how much you love your pet, you don’t always love the trouble that comes along with him. Pet hair and dander are among the most common allergens striking Americans today, and it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum the dust or brush out the dog or cat. Even daily baths cannot always keep down the irritants from your precious friends.

To make matters worse, if you let him outside he gathers pollen and more dust. He comes home and the whole trial starts over again. In the worst cases, you may have considered shaving all his hair off or even giving away that beloved member of the family, but there is a much better solution: air purifiers.

Best Air Purifiers for Dust and Pet Hair Removal
Air purifiers suck away your companion’s dust, hair and dander along with any other allergens he may have picked up, leaving the air in your home clean and your eyes clear. Not only will you feel better, but with your new air purifier you may find that your best friend’s health also improves!

Austin’s air purifiers are quiet, powerful and easy to use. They are safe around pets because they do not contain any harmful plastic components for your dog or cat to chew on. Several purifiers, like the HealthMate+ and HealthMate+ Jr. even control the odors your pet may leave behind. Give yourself and your best friend the gift of good health. Contact us at Purer Air 24 hours by phone at 800-997-2989 or by e-mail at, or fill out our contact information form online.