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Air Purifiers For Dust Mites

One of the most common allergens, dust mites and their droppings are an irritating fact of indoor life. Dust mites feed off human and animal dander, or skin flakes, and they can make their home in your home by the tens of thousands. If you are diagnosed with a dust mite allergy, the only solution is to minimize the number of mites making themselves comfortable in your home.

One sensible approach to mite control is installing an air purifier. While air purifiers may not be able to kill the mites or rid your house of them entirely–and nothing can–air purifiers significantly reduce the amount of food available to the mites, decreasing their numbers in your home. What’s more, Austin’s air purifiers also rid your home of mold, dander, smoke, odors and even gases and chemicals.

How Air Purifiers for Dust Mites Work
Austin’s air purifiers work by taking the room air in and passing it through a series of filters, trapping dust particles and other allergens, and pushing out fresh, clean air. You may notice the difference of an Austin air-purified room within a matter of hours. Austin Air is so certain that you will find your air purifier essential that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every unit sold. And we at Purer Air will even pay your shipping.

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