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Austin Air HealthMate Replacement Filter

Austin Air HEGA Replacement Filter
Austin Air Replacement Filter Tips
  • How Do I Choose a Prefilter Color—Light, Dark, or White? 
The prefilter is the soft material inside the purifier that is between the outer wall of the purifier and the actual filter, and because your Austin Air purifier has small holes on all 4 sides under the control panel, you will be able to see the color of the prefilter.
So if you have a sandstone, or white purifier, be sure to order the light-colored prefilter. If you have a black or silver purifier, be sure to order the dark-colored prefilter. The Baby’s Breath prefilter only comes in white.
  • How Can I Tell Which Replacement Filter is Right For My Purifier? 
Not sure which replacement filter is the right one for your purifier? Was your unit made before 1995?  Call us at 1-800-997-2989 with your purifier’s serial number (usually found on the back or the bottom).  Purer Air will make sure you get the correct replacement filter sent to you.
  • How Will I Know When To Replace My Filter? 
Here are 3 things to notice.
1.  If you smell a sour pungent vinegar odor, or any odor when it runs, this usually means the filter is full and you need to replace it.
2. If you notice reduced air flow to your purifier you need a replacement filter.
3. If you’ve been using your filter for longer than 5 years and air quality is poor– i.e. you can see particles in your air when a lamp is on, or when the sunlight is streaming into your room; you should invest in a new filter. As the saying goes “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters”.
  • How Do I Change the Filter? 
Turn the purifier upside down on a soft towel or rug.  Have a trashbag ready for the used filter.  Unscrew the bottom plate on the purifier.  Pull out the old filter and slide in the new one.  Rescrew the bottom plate, turn the purifier right side up again,  and run the purifier on high with the new filter installed for 1 hour.  Then use as usual.
  • Where Can I Find An Austin Air Owner’s Manual For Further Filter Information? 
Click on the link below for An Austin Air Owner’s Manual in PDF format.
  • Do I Need a Standard or Junior Size Replacement Filter? 
Standard units come with casters, and take only standard replacement filters.   If your unit does not have casters, and you have not ordered casters from the factory for the unit, it is most probably a junior size unit, and you will need a junior size replacement filter. To be certain call us at 1-800-997-2989 with a serial number from the back or bottom of  your purifier.  We can then tell for certain which replacement filter you need.