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Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA Air Purifier
Austin Air Baby's Breath HEPA Air Purifier Ships Free!

The Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA air purifier is the least invasive, most effective way to help your infant, toddler or child breathe easier by removing airborne pollutants such as dust, pet dander, mold, mildew, and viruses, bacteria, and chemicals. Best used in baby’s nursery or child’s room for allergy and asthma relief.  Filter and prefilter included.  For more details see the Baby’s Breath Owner’s Manual>>  (Scroll down if you just need the replacement filter.)

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Austin Air Baby's Breath HEPA air purifier helps your baby breathe easier.
Austin Air Baby's Breath HEPA air purifier ships free!
Austin Air Baby's Breath HEPA air purifier removes bacteria and viruses.
Here’s How the Baby’s Breath Air Purifer Works
Stage 1  Large Particle Pre-Filter
                  removes dust, hair and pet dander
Stage 2  Medium Particle Pre-Filter
                  removes mold, spores, and pollen
Stage 3  True Medical Grade HPEA
                  remvoes bacteria and viruses
Stage 4  Activated Military Carbon Cloth
                 removes gases, odors, chemicals
Color Tip: Like the Baby’s Breath, but want it in white, or another color?  See the Austin Air  HealthMate JR HEGA Air Purifier. It’s the same unit (with a different name), same price but with more color options.
Austin Air Baby's Breath Air Purifier removes volatile organic chemicals.
Technical Specifications
Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA Air Purifier
  • Height:  16.5, Width: 11′ x 11″; Weight 12 lbs.
  • Perforated steel intake housing (filter deck); 360 intake
  • Air flow output from upper deck, directed one side
  • Bottom plate easily removed for filter access
  • Baked-on powder coat finish
  • Fan and Motor Assembly
Centrifugal fan
  • 3 speed control switch
  • Power rating:  1 amp, 120 volts
  • 80 Watt power consumption at highest setting
  • Motor mounted on shock absorbers
  • CSA, UL and CE approved
Filter Assembly – HEPA and military carbon cloth unit
  • 9.5″ diameter, 11.25″ height
  • 30 square feet true HEPA medical filter
  • Strategically placed military carbon cloth
  • Traps large dust particles
  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside to help
              the filter last the full five years
Warranty: Manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty
on all parts and labor
Filter Guarantee: Manufacturer offers a 5 year pro-rated
guarantee under normal residential use
The Baby’s Breath is wonderful. Very nice customer service.   Joseph…..Ilinois
Already Own An Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA Air Purifier?  Buy Replacement Filter Here!
Austin Air Baby's Breath Replacement HEPA Air Filter w/Prefilter

Austin Air Baby’s Breath Replacement HEPA Air Filter w/Prefilter


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Why Choose the Austin Air Baby’s Breath HEPA Air Purifier?
If you are concerned about your baby’s breathing, an indoor air purifier from Austin Air is just what you need. Your baby’s sensitive health requires the purest air possible to maximize his development. However, the sound of some indoor air purifiers may interrupt your baby’s sleep.
Fortunately, we at Purer Air have the solution. Austin Air’s indoor air purifier. the Baby’s Breath, is made specifically for baby’s room and is quiet and practical. It also emits a soothing white noise that is proven to help your baby fall asleep and sleep longer. Available in pink or baby blue, these HEPA air purifiers are the perfect health accessory for your nursery.
The Baby’s Breath HEPA air purifier, while designed for your baby,  is just as powerful as the rest of Austin’s air purifiers. Babies with allergies or asthma can sleep easy, and babies with no breathing problems can get the most restful–and longest–sleep possible. Lightweight, they can be repositioned as your nursery changes and continue to protect your little one as he grows.