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Eliminate Bird Dust Starting Today!
Austin Air Allergy Machine HEPA Air Purifier for Bird Dust
Austin Air Purifiers from

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Bird Dust Air Purifier
  • Removes bird dust and dander from African Greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Budgerigars, and other birds down to .3 microns 
  • Removes bird odor 
  • Removes household dust, pollen, bird dander and other airborne allergens from the air and helps keeps you and your bird healthy 
  • Steel casing (rather than plastic) prevents off-gassing that is harmful to birds and humans 
  • Emits zero ozone making it safe for birds and humans 
  • Uses High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) technology 
  • Same  brand used by Theater of the Sea Bird Aviary 
  • Cleans 1500 sq. ft. twice each hour 
  • Designed to run 24 hours 
  • Economical to use (pennies a day) 
Bird Dust Air Purifier from removes African Grey dust.

Our Grey’s room was constantly covered with white powder dust.  The Bird Dust Air Purifier has really helped us clean up the air and our bird room.  We love it!   Pat……Maryland
Bird Dust Air Purifier Ships Tax Free.

    Air Purifier for Bird Dust–7 Reasons Why Choosing
This Air Purifier Makes Sense
Using the Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier for your bird’s dust is first and foremost effective.  It is also a cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to consistently eliminate the dust that  is a natural part of a powder down bird’s growth and development.  Here are 7 reasons why choosing this cleaner will be good for you and your bird.
1.  Keeps Air Passages Clear.  Birds have incredibly small air passages.  And keeping them clear of their own dust and dander will go a long way towards helping them avoid disease and infection.  Constant filtration of the air takes out the huge amount of airborne particulates that your bird generates and will keep your lungs clear too!
The six air purifiers that we ordered have arrived and are working beautifully.  We will be ordering more shortly.   Shannon…..Joshua Rescue Foundation
Constantly removing airborne pollutants also lessens the chance of your bird, and possibly you and your family, being infected with Psittacosis.  One of the ways the disease can spread is from an infected bird’s dried fecal material that becomes airborne and is then inhaled or ingested.  And often the infected bird shows no symptoms.  Whereas nothing can guarantee that your bird won’t be affected, constant removal of 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne pollutants will surely reduce the chances.
2.  Uses HEPA Filtration. By definition a high efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) air purifier removes particles as small as .3 microns. Since bird dust is very visible, it is very much larger than .3 microns and will be easily removed. Choosing a cleaner that has the capacity to remove particles that are even as small as .3 microns will insure that both the dust and dander are effectively removed.  HEPA technology also means that for every 10,000 particles that are released in your air,  99, 997 particles will be removed!
An added bonus is that this type of filtration will also remove other common airborne household pollutants such as household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, dander from other pets, and bacteria and viruses.  Having an air purifier that can multi-task this way saves money because this one cleaner can do it all.
3.   Runs Safely 24 Hours Every Day.  If you have a powder down bird, dust will be produced for as long as you have it.  This means your purifier needs to constantly  filter the air. Designed to run 24 hours every day for only pennies a day, its split capacitor motor uses only 60 watts of power an hour on its highest setting.
4.   Lasts A Long Time.  The all steel construction and baked-on powder coat  finish make it able to withstand not only the test of time but any parrot’s beak as well.  It carries a 5 year warranty, and we at know that many last way longer than 5 years as we are still sending replacement filters to people with units made before 1995!
Remove Cocatiel dust with the Bird Dust Air Purifier

5.  Requires Little Maintenance. Your time is a precious commodity.  And you certainly want your free time to allow you to enjoy activities of your choosing. Because this air purifier does not require washing, frequent filter changes, recharging or spraying of the filter, it will take care of you and your bird rather than demanding your time to take care of it. 
This purifier requires a filter change once every 5 years, and replacing the filter is easy and takes about 10 minutes. You can opt to vacuum the outside of the purifier several times each month to pull the big particles such as dust, and feathers away from the prefilter.  This simple and easy maintenance will add even greater life to your filter.
6.  Reduces Allergy and Asthma Flare-Ups.  Bird dust and dander are ranked extremely high on the list of allergens that effect pet owners. If you are sensitive or even allergic, the military carbon cloth in the Allergy Machine gives an extra layer of filtration from from fine particulates such as bird dust and dander. Reducing the allergens rather than treating the symptoms they cause is a much more proactive and non-invasive way to preven allergy and asthma flare ups.
Your product is wonderful.  It allowed us to keep our parrot!    Wayne….New Jersey
7.  Professionals Use It. continues to supply this brand of air purifier to the Bird Aviary at Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, Florida and the Joshua Rescue Foundation and Siesta Sanctuary for Birds.  If it works in an aviary, it will surely work for you!
Birds offer wonderful companionship.   And in return, choosing the Allergy Machine means you are providing the best quality of air and therfore quality of life for your feathered friend.  And this healthy air quality is good for you and your family as well. 
Choosing the Allergy Machine as your bird dust air purifier means you’ll have a cleaner that will run economically and dependably, and will not off gas harmful fumes because it is made of steel.  Designed to run 24 hours, it will send 250 cubic feet of fresh clean air into your home very 60 seconds making it possible for you and your family to enjoy your bird without the health hazards of bird dust for many years to come.
Here’s How the Bird Dust Air Purifier Works
Stage 1 Large Particle Pre-Filter removes dust, hair and pet dander
Stage 2  Medium Particle Pre-Filter removes mold, spores and pollen
Stage 3  True Medical Grade HEPA removes bacteria and viruses
Stage 4  Activated Military Carbon Cloth removes gases, odors, and chemicals
Air purifier for Budgerigars ships free.
Bird Dust Air Purifier removes parrot dust.
My allergies flared up once I had my Cockatoo for several weeks, and I was desparate to find a way to keep her!  The Bird Dust Air Purifier has made all the difference!  So glad I found it.   Jean…….California
The doctor warned me that I would continue to have problems with my asthma unless I found another home for my Cockatoo.  Cutting down on the dust in the air with this air cleaner has helped me prove him wrong.  I still have my bird!  Thanks Purer Air!   Gene……Kentucky
I was very skeptical about purchasing this air purifier because I’ve tried so many without success.  I also have quite a collection–an African Grey, a Moulacan and Umbrella-Crested Cockatoo, and an Ecletus.  I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in, and I could tell the difference almost immediately.  And when I clean there is noticeably less white dust.  I’ve finally found one that works!!   Bessie……Virginia
                 Technical Specifications
    * Height: 23″; Width: 14.5″ x 14.5″; Weight 35 lbs.
    * Perforated steel intake housing (filter deck); 360 degree intake only needs 6 inch wall clearance
    * Air flow output from upper deck, directed one side
    * Bottom plate easily removed for filter access
    * Casters for easy movement
    * Baked-on powder coat finish
Fan and Motor Assembly
    * Centrifugal fan
    * 3 Speed control switch
    * Power rating: 1.3 amps, 120 volts
    * 115 Watt power consumption at highest setting
    * Motor type: permanent split capacitor,
rated for continuous high RPM, long life duty
    * Motor mounted on shock absorbers
    * CSA, UL and CE approved
Filter Assembly – HEPA and military carbon cloth unit
    * 13.5″ diameter; 14.5″ height
    * 60 sq. ft. true HEPA medical filter medium
    * Strategically placed military carbon cloth
    * Meets HEPA standards, trapping 99.97% of all 
particulates larger than 0.3 microns
    * Foam sealing gaskets top and bottom
    * Total weight 13 lbs
    * Traps large dust particles
    * Designed to be vacuumed from outside to
help the filter last the full five years
Fan Rating: 400cfm on high setting: cleans
a room area of up to 1500 sq. ft.
Warranty: Manufacturer offers 5 year warranty
on all parts and labor
Filter Guarantee: Manufacturer offers a 5 year pro-rated
guarantee under normal residential use
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Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier removes bird dander and bird odors.  Ships Free!
Bird Dust Air Purifier can help your Sun Conure breathe easier.
Austin Air Allergy Machine (HEGA) Replacement HEPA Air Filter w/Prefilter
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