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Blueair 203 Air Purifier
Blueair 203 Air Purifier Ships Free.
Ships Free!

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  • Removes dust, dust mites mold and mildew spores, bacteria, viruses, pet dander to .1 micon 
  • Cleans 175 square feet 
  • 3 speed fan control 
  • Uses 20 watts on Speed1; uses 50 watts on Speed 3 
  • Uses HEPA and electrostatic filtration 
  • Energy Star Certified by United States EPA 
  • Cleans your space 5 times each hour 
  • HepaSilent Technology means it is super quiet 
  • Filters are completely biodegradable 
  • Smokestop filter option for increased odor and gas filtration 
  • Filter change indicator 
  • 5 year warranty 
Ideal for smaller bedrooms, baby’s nursery, children’s rooms, dorm rooms or assisted living  spaces, this portable yet heavy duty and effective air purifier is durable, quiet, and cost efficient.
Available in white or silver with a smokestop filter option that gives increased filtration of gases and odors, it does a powerful job while weighing in at only 25 pounds.
(Scroll down if you just need the replacement filter.)
Blueair 203 Air Purifier removes airborne pollutants down to .1 micon.
We bought the 203 for our twin boys who have allergies.  It’s so quiet that it doesn’t draw their attention to it, and the difference it’s made in how well they sleep at night is fabulous.  Thanks Purer Air!   Nick and Jan…..South Carolina
Blueair 203 Air Purifier is Energy Star Rated.

Blueair 203 Air Purifier is a Green Product
The Blueair 203 filter, like all Blueair air filters, is 100% biodegradable.  Because the filter is made of nontoxic polypropylene it releases only carbon dioxide and water as it decomposes.  And because polypropylene is waterproof, the filter naturally resists contamination from bacteria, viruses, and mold without use of chemical additives or washes leaving less of a footprint on our environment.
Energy Star Air Purifier

Usual Blueair Features include exceptional and low maintenance performance, unmatched quality, whisper-silent operation and an unbeatable lifetime warranty. All very elegantly packaged in an award-winning Swedish design.
Low energy consumption. The Blueair 203 runs on just 20 watts of power on Speed 1, and 50 watts of power on Speed 3 making it incredibly energy efficient, therefore easy on your pocketbook.  It is more energy efficient than the minimum performance requirements for energy-efficient room air purifiers established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its ENERGY STAR program.  As such it has been recognized with the Energy Star seal of approval.
Blueair 203 Air Purifier cleans 175 square feet.

21st Century Technology for Your Home and 0ffice. The Blueair 203 combines patented HEPASilent™ filter technology with a superior  fan motor to deliver markedly higher energy efficiency than conventional air purifiers. This unit is the upgrade of the Blueair 201, and oher exciting features include 3 built-in speeds, and a filter change indicator. 
Easy to operate and maintain, it has a simple replacement filter procedure that takes under 10 minutes to complete, which means no noticeable drop in healthy air quality.  It is perfect for bedroom as it only has a decibel level of 29 on the lowest setting, which is about as much noise as a laptop computer makes when it operates.  It’s quiet operation will allow you to hear the television, talk on the phone, and sleep without constant noise that can sometimes be distracting.
It also receives high marks with its impressive clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 115 for dust, 115 for smoke and 115 for pollen.  It even has a filter change indicator so you don’t have to guess or remember when your filter should be changed.
The smaller size of the Blueair 203 Air Purifier makes it ideal for baby's nursery.

Blueair Purifiers and Electrostatic Precipitators
Blueair purifiers use a combination for high efficiency particle arresting filters and electrostatic filters.  Airborne particles pass through an ionic/electrostatic chamber and are electrically charged.  This causes them to adhere effortlessly to Blueair’s exclusive polypropylene filters. 
5-Year Quality Assurance
The Blueair 201 is housed in galvanized steel with a baked-on powder coat finish.   the steel prevents out-gassing and makes for a quieter unit by muffling sound.  EBM, a company who also makes telecom and medical equipment, makes the Blueair fan and blower.  Blueair has kept a clean, sleek design and is still quiet, and efficient.  Blueair stands behind the 203 with a limited 5-year warranty.
Blueair 203 Air Purifier from
I bought the Blueair 203 for my daughter’ dorm room.  She suffers from severe asthma and was having a terrible time with something in the air.  She was so relieved after the first night she tried it.  Her room is a comfortable place to be and she can relax.  Thanks!  Edward……New York
Blueair 203 Air Purifier
Technical Specifications
Air Purifier
Height:  25″
  Width:  17″
  Depth:  10″
  Weight: 25 lbs.
  Room size:  175 square feet
  Galvanized steel housing
  Baked-on powder coat finish
Fan and Motor
  50 watt power consumption
     on high
   3 Speed Control
   Noise Level – 29 dB on Speed 1; 44 dB on Speed 3
  CFM (cubic feet per minute) – Speed 1-141; Speed 3-141
HEPASilent filter technology
  Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) : Dust – 115; Smoke – 115; Pollen – 115
  Filter Life:  6 months
5 Years

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Blueair 200 Series Particle Filter (One Each)  Use with models 201, 203, 205C, 210B, 250E.  Ships Free!

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Blueair 200 Series Smokestop Filter
Blueair 200 Series Smokestop Filter (One Each)  Use with models 201, 203, 205C, 210B, 250E.  Ships Free!

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