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Blueair 250E Air Purifier
Blueair Digital 250E Air Purifier

The Blueair 250E Air Purifier removes pollutants as small as .1 micron in size, and comes with a remote control, and digital display with timer. These features allow for easy control of speed, times of operation, and also indicate when filters need to be changed.   HEPASilent technology means only 30 (dB) decibels of sound when operating at low speed.  Blueair is the only manufacturer to use HEPASilent technology, a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filters, that allows for cleaner air, delivered faster, and quieter.  Choose the carbon filter option for enhanced particle filtration. Cleans 200 square feet.  (Scroll down if you just need the replacement filter.)
The 2 Blueair 250E air purifiers are working wonderfully in the children’s rooms.  Thank you!  Shirley……California
Blueair 250E Air Purifier Display with Remote Control

Digital Display and Remote
Blueair 250E state of the art remote control, and digital display with timer, as well as odor, particle, and ion indicators give constant feedback on your indoor air quality.
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Blueair Air Purifier with Remote Control
5-Year Quality Assurance
The Blueair 250E is housed in galvanized steel which prevents out-gassing and makes for a quieter unit by muffling sound.  EBM, a company who also makes telecom and medical equipment, makes the fan and blower.  Blueair has kept a clean, sleek design and is still quiet, and efficient.  Blueair stands behind the 250E with a limited 5-year warranty.
            Technical Specifications
Air Purifier  
    Height: 21″
     Width: 17″
     Depth:  9.5″
     Weight:  25 lbs.
     Galvanized steel housing
     Baked-on powder coat finish
Fan and Motor
     20-50 Watts Power consumption    
     Airflow Rate:  82 CFM to 141 CFM
     2-speed control switch
      Noise Level: 30-43 dB(A)
     HEPASilent Technology
     Mechanical and Electrostatic filter
     CADR:  Smoke 107, Dust 112, Pollen 139
     Made of nontoxic polypropylene
     Naturally resist bacter, virus, mold
     Requires filter change every 6 months
     Filters are 100% environmentally recyclable
Blueair Air Purifier Diagram
Blueair 250E Air Purifier Diagram
Already Own the Blueair 250E Air Purifier?  Buy Replacement Filters Here!
Blueair 200 Series Particle Filter (One Each)  Use with models 201, 203, 205C, 210B, 250E.  Ships Free!

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Blueair 200 Series Smokestop Filter (One Each)  Use with models 201, 203, 205C, 210B, 250E.  Ships Free!