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           Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers
       Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired or having a raspy sensation in your throat?  Do you find yourself sneezing or coughing?  There is an “air war” going on in your bedroom and here are just some of the elements you are fighting as you sleep, and Austin Air HEPA air purifiers can help.
See Austin Air HealthMate Plus HEPA Air Purifier Now!

If you or someone you love is plagued by chemical sensitivity issues, common cleaning products such as detergents, soaps, new carpet smells to name a few, can be a constant irritant.  Click on the following link to see the Austin Air HealthMate Plus JR HEPA air purifier whose filter is specifically designed to remove airborne chemicals.
remove mold spores

Mold Spores are the leading cause of sick building syndrome, and sick human beings.  Mold spores are one of the most underrated threats to personal well-being in the home and office. Click on the following link for the  Austin Air HealthMate JR HM200 HEPA air purifier that removes mold and mildew spores.
Austin Air Allergy Machine HEPA Air Purifier Removes Tobacco Smoke 24/7.

Tobacco smoke has potentially fatal consequences, even for non-smokers. Click on the following link to see the Austin Air HealthMate JR (HEGA) air purifier.  The JR HEGA purifier targets tobacco smoke, odors, and gases.
Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA Air Purifier Removes Pet Dander

Pet dander is a protein found in a pet’s dander or saliva and poses a huge health threat to a person  who is allergic to it.  Love  your pet, but get rid of the dander starting today. Click the following link to see the Austin Air HealthMate JR HEPA air purifier.  If you also want to remove pet odor, click on the following link to see the Austin Pet Machine HEPA air purifier which will remove not only dander, but odor as well.
Austin Air HealthMate HM400 HEPA Air Purifier Removes Dust Mites

Dust mites are present even in the cleanest homes. One single dust ball can contain as many as 250,000 house dust mites, every one of them triggering dust mite allergy symptoms and asthma.  Click on the following link to see the Austin Air HealthMate JR HM200 air purifier that removes dust mites 24 hours a day.
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Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers
             Clean Up Indoor Air Quality
I. A. Q.  Three little letters-one huge issue.  IAQ is an acronym for a scientific term that did not exist 75 years ago.  It stands for Indoor Air Quality.
Indoor Air Quality is one of the most complex health issues confronting every person living and working today.  Recent research has found that the quality of air in our homes and offices is often 3 to 5 times worse than the outdoor air.  If you stop to consider the amount of time spent indoors, you quickly realize just how big a threat to your health indoor air quality really is.
No matter what your relative state of well being, breathing clean air is the greatest single health benefit you  can afford yourself.  There is nothing more important to one’s well being than the body’s immune system.
Clean air and the body’s immune system are inextricably linked.  Breathing clean air affords your immune system the time it needs to rest and rejuvenate.  Just as you need sleep, your immune system needs time to rest in order to function properly.  Positioning your Austin Air purifier in your bedroom allows your immune system to rest and stay healthy by removing toxins as you sleep.
Austin Air Air HEPA Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality.
Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Austin Air HEPA Air Purifiers Remove Pollutants
In these modern times, our indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air.  And we know how increasingly dangerous that’s become. Consider how much time we spend indoors.  Please don’t be fooled by where you are living; whether in the clear blue skies of a mountain range or an apartment in some office tower, the air inside your space is polluted.  Toxic substances introduced to your environment go unseen and yet they pose the single greatest threat to your health.  Austin Air purifiers are designed to remove toxins 24 hours a day to keep your indoor air quality at the highest level.
If you are sleeping or working in a polluted environment, your immune system never gets a chance to rest up.  This causes a decrease in the efficiency or performance of your immune system.  This in turn can make life pretty miserable.  In certain cases it can even become life threatening.  The standard models of Austin Air purifiers are designed to clean 1500 square feet and have casters that allow you to reposition your purifier easily
The scientific evidence being generated today links air pollution to conditions you may expect:  allergies, chemical sensitivities, fatigue, asthma, bronchitis and the like.  But recently the medical community has been able to clearly establish a direct link between air pollution and heart attacks.  After this dismal news, imagine walking into your home or office each day and being surrounded by 250 cubic feet of fresh air every 60 seconds.  Not only will this be good for your body, but good for you and your family’s peace of mind as well.