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Pollen Control Air Purifiers

When you think of the four seasons of the year, do you think of summer, fall, winter and spring, or do grass, ragweed, cedar and maple come more readily to mind? If you fall into the latter category, you are probably suffering from seasonal allergies, and pollen control should be your major concern in your efforts to breathe more easily.

At Purer Air, we know the difficulties you face when dealing with pollen allergies. Our line of Austin Air purifiers help to control pollen allergies in the home by pulling them from the air and keeping them in the filter, where they become harmless. Keeping an air purifier running can dramatically improve your allergy symptoms as well as helping your immune system and overall health.

How Pollen Control Air Purifiers Improve Overall Health
If you are not fighting to breathe, your body gets a chance to rest. Getting rejuvenating sleep is vital to a functioning immune system. Air purifiers control the level of pollen allergens in your home and, by letting you breathe only clean air, get the rest you need to get through your day. By using your air purifiers to decrease the amount of allergens in your indoor air, you may find that you no longer even need medication to control your allergies!

Don’t let pollen get you down. Fill out our contact information form online if you have questions about which air purifiers are right for your needs. We are available 24 hours by phone at 800-997-2989, or you can e-mail us for more information at