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Portable Office Air Purifiers

If you find yourself feeling tired, slow or ill in your office, particularly on Mondays, you may be having a reaction to more than your job stress. You may be reacting to poor air quality in your office. Ventilation systems are often closed down for the weekend, leading to a buildup of irritants on Mondays.

The effects of Sick Building Syndrome, also known as Tight or Closed Building Syndrome, and its counterpart Monday Morning Syndrome are similar to those of a mild flu or cold. A runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, tight dry throat, headache and coughing or wheezing are all common symptoms of SBS and MMS. If you find your “illness” seems to improve when you step out or go home for the night, only to return with you to the office, a portable office air purifier may be an ideal solution for you.

The Power of Portable Office Air Purifiers
The Austin Air purifiers we offer at Purer Air are powerful, efficient cleaning machines, and the Junior lines of the HealthMate and HealthMate+ are perfect for toting around the office. Weighing in at only 18 pounds, these portable purifiers move 200 cubic feet of air per minute through their HEPA filters using only 80 watts of power at their highest setting. With nearly seven pounds of activated carbon and Zeolite impregnated with potassium iodide and 30 feet of medical grade HEPA filter, these little office air purifiers provide 700 square feet of clean air.

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