PurerAir.com Donates Smoke Air Purifier to VFD

PurerAir.com Donates Smoke Air Purifier to Volunteer Fire Department

                                    Santee, South Carolina

 They wrote……A little about why we needed an air purifier and how it has worked for us!  
In our fire department we have an open bay, which houses 6 trucks and we have lockers out there for our firefighters to use to put their gear in when they are not using it.   
Some of the gear stays beside the trucks though so it is easy for them to get in when they arrive at the fire department.  We have an equipment room, which the firefighters go in and work out.  We have an office and then an upstairs area where the firefighters go to relax when they get back from a call.  
You can not imagine the smell that goes through that department.  Mostly smoke smell.  Yes, the gear gets washed and cleaned, but not after every call.  Right now our firefighters are using the Equipment room a lot, so we decided to put the unit in there and see what would happen.  
We plugged in the Smoke Air Purifier and we left it on.  Within two days the air quality seemed so much better!   You could not smell the smoke like you had before.  I have had some of the firefighters say that they can breathe better now in that room.   It is cleaning the air and making it a better place for them to be.  
We have one firefighter who has really bad allergies and she said that when she walks into that room she can tell a difference in the air right away!!  I am just amazed at how it has gotten rid of the smoke smell and the fire house smell in that room.  We would recommend this machine for any fire department.  If you are looking for something to help with the air quality, this is the machine.  
If it worked for them, it will surely work for you!  See the  Smoke Air Purifier now  at http://purerair.com/smoke_air_purifier.html
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Debbie Davis, President
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