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What Forms of Payment Does Purer Air Accept?

Purer Air accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
What Do Austin Air Purifiers Produce?

Austin Air Purifiers only produce clean Air! They do not produce ozone, ions, or negative ions. Ozone is active oxygen and can be dangerous to people with respiratory problems such as asthma and emphysema.

How is the Austin Air Purifier Better than Electrostatic Precipitator Machines?

Electrostatic air purifiers remove only dust particles. They do not remove gases and odors. Efficiency at best is 80% and can drop 20% within 48 hours. Many have to be removed from the home because of side effects of the ozone they produce. Electrostatic machines use an old technology and are rarely used by the scientific or medical communities where clean air is critical.

Where Should I Place My Austin Air Purifier for Maximum Effectiveness?

You can place your purifier anywhere in a room, including corners (with about 1 foot clearance from the walls), and you will still get the same excellent results. Your purifier should be placed in a bedroom at night with the door closed for best results. The standard models have caster wheels which will allow you to move it to a more general area throughout the day for a more thorough cleaning of your entire home.

What Exactly is a HEPA Filter?

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter was developed by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission to filter out sub-micron particules. All true HEPA filters are laser tested and must remove a minimum of 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns in size. A human hair would be 300 times too big to go through a HEPA filter.

What is Activated Carbon and What Does it Do?

Activated carbon is the best known substance for removing gases and odors. The best source of activated carbon is a coconut shell. It can remove up to 60% of it’s weight in odors and gases. Activated carbon is the most common element in military gas masks. A minimum of 13.5 pounds of coconut shell activated carbon and zeolite are used to remove odors and gases. The HEPA, activated carbon, and zeolite are combined into one large cartridge which weighs about 19 pounds.

What is Zeolite and What Does it Do?

Natural zeolite is mined from the earth. It is a cream-colored mineral and has exceptional abilities for capturing small molecules such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and sulfides.

How Many Filters are Inside the Austin Air Purifier?

One main filter made up of 2 filtration media – in the HealthMate it’s the Ture Medical HEPA paper and activated carbon and zeolite. In the Allergy Machine it’s the Ture Medical HEPA paper with military carbon cloth placed inside. The only other filter is the pre-filter (also known as the permafilt). The pre-filter is a cotton cloth that lines the inside wall of the unit. The purpose of the pre-filter is to stop any hair or large dust particles from clogging the HEPA.

How Do I Change the Filter?

To change the filter, turn the unit upside down and remove the four retaining screws holding the bottom on. Lift off the bottom panel and lift out the old filter cartridge. Replace it with the new filter and screw the bottom panel back on.

What are the guarantees?

The motor, fan and other working parts are guaranteed for 5 years. The filter carries a pro-rated 5 year warranty. This means if the filter lasts less than 5 years, Austin Air will discount the cost of a new filter based on the number of years the filter has been in use. Manufacturer’s Warranties: Please note that all products that carry a warranty noted on product description details refer to Manufacturer Warranty. See individual products for details.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made prior to shipping. There is no fee charged for cancelling an order. Once an item is shipped please refer to the return policy.

How Will My Austin Air Purifiers Be Shipped?

Shipping is be handled by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground depending on the location. All orders ship free within the continental United States. All “Austin Air Purifiers” ship free to Canada based on shipping desitnation in Canada! Purer Air reserves the right to cap shipping costs on Austin Air purifiers at $40, and a prompt refund of the full purchase price will be given if shipping costs exceed $40, and you decide not to pay the difference. Purer Air reserves the right to charge an additional $20 to offset shipping cost to more distant Canadian locations. Purer Air compares FedEx, Bax Global, and UPS prices and offers you the lowest shipping quote, so that we get it to you in the most economical way. We have successfully shipped to many Canadian customers, and will work with you to get the unit to you. So if you have questions please feel free to call or email us! Free shipping to Canada cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or coupons, and a 15% restocking fee will be applied for Canadian returns for reasons other than damage. Units that arrive damaged to Canadian destinations are replaced quickly with no additional charge. Duties, taxes, and any other import fees charged by governments outside the U.S. are paid by the buyer before the unit is shipped. Should you decide to return a unit that was shipped to a destination other than the U.S.–duties, taxes, and other import fees are not refunded by Purer Air. We are also happy to give quotes for FedEx next day, 2nd day, or 3 day shipping to any destination in the world. Please call us at (800) 997-2989 for a quote.

How Can I Have My Austin Air Purifiers and Filters Shipped Globally?

Purer Air is pleased to be able to offer quick, dependable global shipping. Please Send E-mail to Customer Support with an exact address and postal code, and we will be happy to send you a quote that includes a variety of shipping options!

What Is Purer Air’s Return Policy?

We are committed to your satisfaction and we carry only the highest quality products. As such, we offer a 30-day full money back guarantee on all purchases. Please contact us with your name, what you are returning, and the reason for your return. We will then send you a return authorization number that will be associated with your return and must be prominently displayed on the return shipment. Upon product return you will receive a full refund for damaged products or you can opt to have the damaged item replaced at no cost to you. There is a 30 day return for any reason other than damage. All Austin Air products ship free to you in the United States, and we do not charge a restocking fee* in the United States. The only cost you will incur for a return is in shipping your purchase back to us.

The product must be returned undamaged with all original manuals, registration cards, accessories, and packing material. *If a product is returned in non-saleable condition, damaged or with missing parts, packing, or accessories, we reserve the right to assess a 20% restocking fee. A credit will be issued to the original credit card. Products that are customized in any way (i.e. change in voltage, or cord) may not be returned except for damage.

If an item is out of stock you will be notified in writing and given the opportunity to buy another product or cancel the order. To date, we have always been able to provide our customers with their specified model and color choice immediately upon request!

What Would Cause a Filter to Fill Up in Less Than 5 Years?

Having many pets, new carpeting, paint fumes, heavy smoking, city pollution, etc.

How Long Do You Think My Austin Air Purifier Will Last?

The unit should last well beyond the 5 year warranty if properly maintained and if the filter is replaced when needed. The fact that we sell such a high volume of replacement filters speaks well towards the longevity of Austin Air purifiers.

How Much Space Does the Air Purifier Clean?

Your Austin Air Purifier will clean an average bedroom in about 15 minutes with the door closed. It cleans up to 1,500 square feet based on a standard of 2 air changes per hour. The junior-sized models clean up to 700 square feet. (All estimates assume 8 foot ceilings.)

Does the Austin Air Purifier Require Any Special Maintenance?

Periodic (once a month) vacuuming of the four sides of the outside screen with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner is the only regular maintenance required for the Austin Air purifier.

How Much Electricity Is Required to Run the Air Purifier?

Your Austin Air Purifier will use an ordinary 120 volt outlet. Maximum draw is about 135 watts on the high setting or 1 cent per hour, average cost.