Purify Indoor Winter Air

coupleembracingNow that winter storm Jonas of 2016 has buried us under many feet of snow, we have been forced to stay indoors for longer periods of time than usual.

Additional time indoors means exposure to and creation of many more allergens which may be causing you to breathe unhealthy air.

And although you may not be able to clear your driveway and streets very quickly, you can clear the air in your home with the flip of a switch.

The Austin Air Allergy Machine is an excellent non-invasive and proactive way to clear the air of allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander, smoke from the fireplace, and cooking odors that can all combine to produce hazardous breathing inside.

And since you may not be able to get very far on the roads just yet, let us bring this wonderful breath of fresh air to your doorstep.

Pick up the phone and call us now at 800-997-2989 or go online to PurerAir.com and order your Allergy Machine Air Purifier now.

Stay warm and breathe healthier!

Debbie Davis, President


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Summer Mold Allergies

coupleembracingAir conditioning ducts a source of allergy triggers is often overlooked.  I have a friend who avoids air conditioning in the car and in the house even on the hottest days because of the symptoms the air causes.

Even though we refresh our homes with a change of carpet, color schemes, and furnishings, most of us don’t think about cleaning the ducts that carry air into every room of our home all through the year.

In the summer these ducts carry cool air through dark tubes that never see the light of day.  These tubes or ducts are a prime area for mold growth.  It is the rare person who has their ducts steam cleaned.  And so airborne mold and mold spores have the potential to be blown into every room, and circulated again and again.

Anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma will find that being indoors in an air conditioned space can be just as challenging as being outside in the midst of pollen season.

So in a perfect world steam cleaning the air ducts every couple of years would be ideal.  This is not always possible for numerous reasons.  But regardless of how it’s done, clearing the air is a must.

Make your home a haven especially in the summer with the Allergy Air Purifier from PurerAir.com   It can remove airborne mold spores as well as other triggers that cause nasal congestion, watering eyes, and coughing.  And it’s designed to filter your air 24 hours every day.

See the Allergy Air Purifier now at http://purerair.com/allergy_machine.html  Call 24 hours with questions at 800-997-2989!

Debbie Davis, President


(800) 997-2989