Sweet Smelling Austin Air Filter

man smells odorA sweet smelling Austin Air filter is not sweet.  This smell means that the filter’s carbon has absorbed all of the the gases and odors that it can, and that it is time to replace your filter.

This odor is a fail-proof way of alerting you that a new filter is needed.  After all a nose knows best!

Once you notice the smell, turn off your air purifier and call us at 800-997-2989 for a new filter.  Any standard size purifier that was manufactured after 1995 will accept any standard size filter.  The same is true for junior size units.

If you are unsure about which filter is best for your unit, you can call us at 800-997-2989 with the serial number, and we will be able to tell you the date of manufacture and help you get the best filter for your current needs.

Debbie Davis, President


(800) 997-2989