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Determining Which Austin Air Replacement Filter You Should Buy
Determing which Austin Air replacement filter you should buy depends on 4 things—purifier size, date of manufacture, pollutants you want to remove, and the color of your purifier. 
First, determine if you have a standard or junior size unit.  If your purifier came standard from the factory with casters, and they were not installed before or after the purifier was delivered to you,  your purifier is most probably a standard unit.  This is important because the standard purifier always takes a standard replacement filter, and the junior purifier always takes a junior replacement filter. Junior purifiers come without casters.
Second, determine when your purifier was made. The date of manufacture for your purifier can be determined by the serial number found on the back or on the bottom of your purifier.  Unless you have the original receipt and know when it was purchased, call us at (800) 997-2989 with the serial number, and we can determine what year your purifier was made.  The date of purchase in this case will only be useful if you purchased it new from Austin Air or from a Certified Austin Air Dealer such as  The date of manufacture is important because purifiers made before 1995 have to have the HEGA replacement filter.  Purifiers made after 1995 can be interchanged, meaning any standard replacement filter can be put in any standard size purifier; and any junior size replacement filter will fit in any junior size purifier.
Third, decide what pollutants you want your replacement filter to remove. If your purifier was made after 1995 you can decide to change which pollutant(s) you would like to remove.  Let’s say you have a standard HealthMate that you purchased in 2002 originally purchased to remove dust, and dog dander.  But since 2002 you have developed chemical sensitivity issues, or want to move your purifier to an office to remove airborne chemicals such as toner, formaldehyde, solvents, and paint smells (for example) that are a problem.  You can purchase the HealthMate Plus replacement filter for your original HealthMate purifier, and you now have a purifier that will be effective in removing airborne chemicals even though your initial purifier was purchased for other pollutants.
Note the color of your purifier.  The color of your purifier, regardless of being a standard or junior unit, will determine whether you order a light-colored or dark-colored replacement filter.  If your purifier is white or sandstone, order the light-colored replacement filter.  If your purifier is silver or black, order the dark-colored replacement filter.  Why?  The small perforations in the purifier will allow you to see the prefilter that is wrapped around the replacement filter.  The dark-colored prefilter will be virtually invisible as you look at a black or silver purifier, as will the white prefilter when you look at the silver or sandstone purifier.
Austin Air purifiers last a lot longer than the 5 years for which they are guaranteed, and being able to interchange the replacement filter allows the purifier to be flexible as your needs change.
If you still have questions about which Austin Air replacement filter you should buy, call 24 hours a day at (800) 997-2989 for expert advice.  We’ll make sure you get the replacement filter that fits your purifier and fits your current needs as well.
Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989